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Contents: Role of Parish Council - Burwell Parish Council - Staff and Councillors


Sign Castle - MediumBurwell is one of the larger and older villages in Cambridgeshire, situated on the edge of the Fens. The population today is over 6000: large enough to be interesting but small enough for people to interact. It’s a great community to live in and make friends. For more information about Burwell click Burwell Community Website


Role of Parish Councils

Spring Close - MediumParish Councils are the level of democratically elected local government closest to the local community.


The duties they have are to provide allotments if there is a demand and to receive the accounts of parochial charities.


They have many other powers which they may use and this will often depend upon the size of the parish (less than 100 to over 30,000) and upon how pro-active the council is.


Parish Councils maintain financial records and policies concerning its activities as well as a complaints procedure. Burwell Parish Council is no exception in this regard.


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Burwell Parish Council:

  • Provides allotment land.
  • Provides and maintain a cemetery and chapel.
  • Maintains a memorial clock on the cemetery chapel.Spring Close - Park Road Junction - Medium
  • Provides and maintain the Gardiner Memorial Hall, Jubilee Reading Room, Pavilion on the Recreation Ground and the Tan House Lane Site.
  • Provides footway lighting (although most lights have now been handed over to the County Council for maintenance).
  • Provides litter bins on our own land and liaise with the District Council about other provision.
  • Provides and maintain open spaces such as Margaret Field, Spring Close and Priory Meadow.
  • Comments upon planning applications and strategic plans.
  • Provides and maintain playing fields at the Recreation Ground and play areas at Jubilee Green, Margaret Field playground - SmallMargaret Field and Westhorope.
  • Maintains footpaths and bridleways in partnership with the County Council.
  • Manages the cutting of grass verges within the parish in partnership with the County Council.
  • Provides and maintain public seats. 
  • Provides and maintain bus shelters.
  • Provides grants for other bodies e.g. youth issues, community transport. 
  • Leaseholders and trustee of Burwell and District Day Centre.
  • Custodians and trustees of the nature reserve area at Pauline's Swamp.
  • Provides representations on various other bodies connected to the village.


The Parish also works with East Cambridgeshire District Council (ECDC) whose responsibilities include planning, environmental health, economic and community development, housing, licensing, tourism, strategic development, refuse collection and recycling. Cambridgeshire County Council also has considerable contact with the Parish and their responsibilities include education, highways, transport, refuse disposal, libraries, social services and trading standards.


The policies, financial regulations, standing orders etc. that Burwell Parish Council adheres to can be found by clicking here or choosing the page 'Council Policies'.


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Staff and Councillors


 Yvonne 2 - Medium

Yvonne Rix - Clerk

The Jubilee Reading Room Tel: 743142


Awaiting Photo


 Assistant to the Parish Clerk - Sarah Ashby




 Handyman George - Medium

 Handyman - George Rowland


 Debbie - Medium

 Key Holder - Debbie Crawley


 Martyn Wright - Medium

 2nd Key Holder - Martyn Wright



The Parish Council consists of 17 elected volunteers who serve a 4 year term

The next Parish Council elections will be held in May 2023.


 Derek Reader - Odd



Derek Reader

Coquet House Heath Road Tel`: 742588

 Joan Lonsdale - Odd

Joan Lonsdale

'Cobwebs' 23 North Street Tel: 743135

To find out more about Joan click here

 James Perry - Odd

James Perry

25 Orchard Way Tel: 612121

To find out more about James (Jim) click here

 Hazel Williams - Odd

Hazel Williams MBE

66 Mill Lane Tel: 743897

To find out more about Hazel click here





 Don Harrison - Odd

Don Harrison

85 Low Road Tel : 610247

To find out more about Don click here

 Elizabeth Swift - Medium

Liz Swift - Chair

25 The Causeway - Tel: 743694

To find out more about Liz click here

 Brenda Wilson - Odd

Brenda Wilson

The Old School House, 30 High Street Tel :743937

To find out more about Brenda click here





 Gus Jones - Odd

Gus Jones

1 The Avenue Tel : 610490

To find out more about Gus click here



 Robin Dyos 2 - Odd






Robin Dyos - Vice Chair

32 Swaffham Road Tel: 743428

To find out more about Robin click here

Helen McMenamin-Smith2 - Medium

Helen McMenamin-Smith

76a Silver Street Tel: 744016

To find out more about Helen click here





 Mike Swift - Odd

Mike Swift

25 The Causeway Tel: 743694

To find out more about Michael click here


 Paul Webb - Small



 Jenny Moss - Odd




Awaiting Photograph


Awaiting Photograph




Awaiting Photograph

 Burwell Parish Council currently has  a vacancy for one Councillor. Please click here for details


Paul Webb

Lode House, 107a North Street


To find out more about Paul click here








Jennifer Moss

Folly Bridge, Waterside, North Street

Tel: 741768

 To find out more about Jenny click here





Michael Geary

5 Murton Close 

Tel: 07939219795 


Gill Miller

33 Silver Street

Tel 07909915615

To find out more about Gill click here



Geraldine Tate

27a North Street

Tel: 744347








Photograph of Full Council

Click here for the register of interests for Burwell Parish Councillors

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