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The Gardiner Memorial Hall was erected in 1915 following a legacy of £1000 from John Gardiner, a local clunchpit owner. 105 years on and the hall has remained largely unchanged, except for the removal of an internal balcony and construction of additional toilets, kitchen and storage space. The hall has a stage and an attractive sprung wooden parquet floor. In addition the hall benefits from high wooden valet ceilings with an attractive "A frame" construction and high level leaded windows. The Hall remains an iconic well used and loved facility in the village, with a very high level of occupancy for a variety of uses, groups and functions.

However, the hall desperately needs to be brought up to date. The building is not accessible for those with disabilities, kitchen facilities are minimal and not positioned in the best location, storage is limited and last but no means least, the expensive heating system needs to be replaced with a modern eco friendly sustainable alternative. 

 In 2018, The Parish Council appointed Dan Jones of Civic London to look at ways we could extend the hall, relocate the kitchen, make the hall accessible, consider heating options and generally improving the facilities and look of the hall. Existing hall users at the time were asked for their views on what they felt was important for the Council to include in the design. Details of the proposal were displayed at the Annual Parish Meeting in May 2019.

 For details of the proposal please see the Pre Application Advice Design and Access Statement

Below is a drawing of proposal layout


 The proposal includes extending the building to the rear. The main entrance to the building will be moved to the rear of the building. The entrance will lead in to an area which can be used for smailler groups and clubs not needing as much space as the main Gardiner Memorial Hall or Mandeville Hall provides. We aim to include audio visual equipment, wifi etc. making the room also suitable for hire by local businesses looking for somewhere to hold meetings and conferences.

The estimated cost for the project is between £460,000 and £600,000. The Council has some funding to put towards this project, but will have to source grant funding to pay for the rest. At this stage we need your help to secure grant funding. We would therefore be grateful if you could email your thoughts about the project to the Clerk burwellpc@burwellparishcouncil.gov.uk. Tell us about what you like about the proposal, what you don't, if you are a business, do you think you would use the facility if hiring charges are acceptable?

We would like to thank you for taking the time to look at the proposals for the hall and look forward to receiving your thoughts and responses.