Climate Change Action Plan

In 2020 Burwell Parish Council declared a state of climate emergency, and to this effect have now approved at Full Council on January 12th, 2021 a Climate Change Policy.  This Policy is available for the community to share, with further work being done on it to make it more attractive.   We are all worried by the change in weather patterns, and what we hear on the news, and the best remedy is to take positive action.

We want to lend support as the community has to adapt to changes laid out by the government to decrease carbon emissions and educate residents to realise their household carbon footprints. We will make as much information on the crisis available and strive to achieve what we can within our own Parish.  We will continue to work with ECDC, who have a committed team dedicated to the climate crisis, and who have been lending support as we create our Action Policy.

This sounds a bit daunting, and, after a year of COVID-19, something we could all do without.  But we must all start somewhere, and soon, and with a bit of handholding, there are a lot of small, simple things that can be done to make a start. 


The Climate Change Forum set up to address Climate Change in the village meets every other month. Draft Minutes of the meetings held so far can be found below:

4th October 2021 

2nd November 2021 

4th January 2022 

1st February 2022

1st March 2022 

17th May 2022

  5th July 2022 

6th June 2023

4th July 2023

12th September 2023

3rd October 2023

7th November 2023 

16th January 2024 

5th March 2024