Spring Close

The Parish-owned area known as Spring Close sits to the south of St Mary's Church, and is a site of great interest, from both an archaeological and an environmental aspect. Purchased by the Parish Council in 1983, it contains the earthworks of a castle built in the mid-12th century. The ground used to be bare, but over the years trees and scrub have grown up, obscuring a lot of the mound. The grassland comprises of several different types of vegetation, from swards of grassland to chalky meadow.

The Spring itself emanates from the base of a Totterhoe Stone (known locally as 'Clunch'), whilst the spring bed is made from softer West Melbury Chalky Marl.

In 2019 the Parish Council formed the Spring Close Management Group, who developed a Vision Plan for the site. The Vision Plan gives far greater detail on all aspects of Spring Close (see below). The Management Group has been following the Maintenance Schedule within the plan and a suitable grass cutting regime to encourage more wild flowers to establish. They have also worked to keep ivy in check, and other such tasks to enhance the natural diversity and preservation of the site.

The site has local geographical status, which sits alongside the County Wildlife and County Historical Awards.

Spring Close is enjoyed by the local residents as a place of recreation and dog-walking. It is easy to walk across to Pauline's Swamp in one direction or Priory Wood in another, making for a very pleasant joined-up walk.

Location Map for Spring Close 





Spring Close Vision Plan

View of St. Mary's Church from Spring Close

View looking over Spring Close 


Working Days at Spring Close

Working Days are held two to three times each year to carry out maintenance work at Spring Close. There are arranged by the Spring Close Management Committee and members of the public are welcome to come along and help. Please contact burwellpc@burwellparishcouncil.gov.uk  for details.


Working Day held on 30th October 2021 

Members of Spring Close Management Group, Wild Burwell and other volunteers raked cut grass from the slopes at Spring Close. Cutting late and removing the cuttings is important to allow a variety of wildflowers to flourish in our special chalk habitat. Nettles and brambles were also strimmed, making more space down towards the stream, leaving hedgehog tracks undisturbed.


Priory Wood

There is a footpath connecting Spring Close with Priory Wood. Priory Wood was created in the year 2000 by the Woodland Trust.

Any issues with Priory Wood should be reported to

The Woodland Trust