Proposed Community Garden


Proposed Community Garden


Updated July 2023

The team of Councillors working on the Community Garden (Helen McMenamin-Smith, Paul Webb, and Jenny Moss) have been busy on the Community Garden, as anyone who has visited the playground on the Recreation Ground will see. The rubber matting was removed as a donation to the Community by Meads, and a very generous donor paid for the groundworks to go in. We are pricing up stones for the pathways and are seeking charitable funding.

Our garden design includes areas of wildflowers, but with a more formal border including plants such as lavender, rosemary, and other scented herbs and perennials around the seating area. Two raised beds will be constructed for sensory herbs, and we will have fruit bushes, trees, an area of shrubs to provide a bit of a screen.

We have been offered donations for benches and table, and have been given donations from local businesses, and plants and seeds from members of the Community.

We’ve been offered a row of prize-winning roses to go along the fence by the car park by a local grower, and these will go in later in the year.

We have a team of volunteers to help with planting and maintenance, and we have planned our first ever WORKDAY for Saturday 8th at 10 a.m. Please do bring along a fork, trowel, or spade if you have even half an hour spare.

Please get in touch with the Parish Clerk if you feel you can contribute in any way to this exciting project! We think that this will be a very lovely place for people to enjoy.